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How to Become an SEO Expert: The Ultimate Guide

admin | March 8th-2022 | No Comments

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Do you want to learn how to become a Kalamazoo SEO expert? Operating as a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist or consultant can be an extremely lucrative and rewarding career path. You get to help businesses grow, you get to challenge yourself on a daily basis, and you actually make money while doing it. It’s no wonder that so many people want to learn how to become an SEO expert…and fast!

Becoming an SEO expert can take anywhere from a few months to several years. The amount of time it takes largely depends on how much experience you have in the field, how quickly you are able to learn, and how much effort you put into mastering the craft. However, we would say that if you want to be considered an “expert” at anything, you should expect to spend at least five years learning and practicing your skillset.

There are three main types of SEO experts: consultants, specialists, and generalists.

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SEO Consultant: An SEO consultant focuses primarily on strategy, planning and execution for clients. They are responsible for working with a client to determine their goals, develop an overarching plan, and then delegate tasks out to team members or vendors that they manage. Some consultants also do the hands-on work (such as building links) while others simply focus on managing the process from beginning to end. A background in business management is usually required if you want to be considered an expert consultant because this role requires strong leadership skills as well as technical knowledge about how search engine optimization works.

SEO specialist: An SEO specialist focuses primarily on the technical aspects of search engine optimization. This could include optimizing site structure, performing keyword research, and building links to a website or specific pages within it (such as product pages).

SEO Generalist: An SEO generalist is someone who has at least some knowledge about all areas of SEO but may not be an expert in any single one. These people are usually good writers with a strong understanding of how Google works; however they don’t necessarily have much experience when it comes to hands-on work like link building campaigns or content marketing strategies.

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